Visitors Comments



I enjoyed the snow scenes; very atmospheric. Khan

Excellent!!! Lots of hard work. All the best. Love the oil paintings. Seema Buttoo

Much prefer sketches to oils etc. R Petra

Relaxing, inspiring, love the different moods and use of colour. Makes me want to paint too! Nadeem Khan

My cousin is a genius!! Makes me proud to be a Hardcastle!!! Tim Hardcastle

Very inspirational, exciting and atmospheric collection! Zoe Gale

Charcoal and graphite stand out well and with watercolour. Good canal scenes. Steve Robertshaw

An amazing mixture of style and substance - bright and dark. The 'Rill' is different from every angle. G Cooper

Genuinely shocked at how much good quality work done in last 2 years! Joshua Lingard

Very good, all in all, the ripples are superb. S Bilson

Stunning paintings, love No. 26 (LOCK), water looks fab! Anita Owen

To be honest I didn't get it at first. After looking again it clicked. Simon Ferris

Interesting themes, appropriate techniques and good colour. Very dramatic scenes. Love the Judy Woods section. Alan Rhodes

The work is atmospheric, I am grateful to have seen it. Greg Carr

We like a lot of the same places. Liked graphite drawings and bridge in Judy Woods in snow.
JS Smith

Good show, unusual graphite with watercolour; not seen before. R Hagen

So nice and peaceful. G Hodgson

Every picture equally lovely. A Henry

Some brilliant work - great experience. Irene Naylor

Love your black and white pictures.

Excellent presentation, lovely drawings. Bfd. Art Club

Very thoughtful exhibition. Creatively arranged. L Holt

Lovely variety on a similar theme. V. good. Best wishes. No 11 (Snow over Egypt) is my favourite. ‘Don’t forget your roots’. JB Lockwood (author of Golden Nuggets)

Well done Alan. Many years have past since LCA. Do you still have the M.Bike? Phil Gibson

Congratulations! I especially like the charcoal pathways & tracks - ie Old Trackway but "Redundant Lock in Moonlight" is brilliant! Colour especially & composition. Christine Gibson

A very interesting exhibition I liked the use of light - reflections on water. J Shaw

Exlent. Oliver

Superb exhibition. As art graduates we loved the wonderful form, colour and subject matter. More reflections pls. B/R Randles

Atmosphere + brilliant. John Harris

Fabulous, loved the snow scenes, will be back with partner. Sue Smith

It's nice as a visitor to Yorkshire to get a sense of the place from the paintings. Particularly enjoyed the charcoal& the range of techniques on display. Tim Miller & Amy Solder (London)

Brilliant fantastich extreamly tallented work. Georgia

Beautiful work & also supercalafrajalisticexpiallydotus. LJL. Molly

Thanks for letting me know, I have really enjoyed your work. The snow pictures are incredible esp. 39 (A Walk in the Snow). Chris Owens

Absolutely beautiful, especially snow. M Shackleton

"Brilliant"! Better artist than a footballer! Pat & Roy Mellor

Wonderful, spoilt by awful walk from station! J Clough

Excellent, lots of good observation. M Murphy

Very good. Especially 41-60 (Judy Woods) Waiting for the next exhibition. Stuart Briggs

The industrial heritage work was of particular interest. John Brooke

Fabulous paintings. Will bring friends and family to see. Julian Williams

Obvious love of the Pennines. Charcoal and graphite drawings - splendid. C Pope

Brilliant - wish we had seen you here!! Pauline & Philip Roberts

A rewarding visit - Canals especially. H Bligh

An impressive exhibition - congratulations. Linda Davis

All pictures so well designed. Lovely stark linearity. Very evocative. Enriching. Thanks. G Smalley

Excellent collection. Linda & Paul Hensby

Wonderful exhibition, very talented artist. Joan Clayton

A lot of hard work but well worth it. Barbara Barber

Love the roots and shadows. Bit put off buying by the large bright signatures. E Partland

Glad I caught this exhibition of evocative local scenery; glad to read that Calderdale encouraged the artist to re-emerge. John Sheppard

Striking landscapes but love the reflections – strong & still. F & M Beevers